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3M Anti-Tarnish Paper roll 10mx2.5cm Gold & Silver Tarnish

3M Anti-Tarnish Paper roll provide Anti-Oxidation protection to sterling silver, gold, pewter, copper & brass, and other fine metals.

  • Provides up to 2 years of oxidation protection.
  • Each 2.5cmX2.5cm 1”x1″ tab provides anti-oxidation protection of up 30 cubic inches of container space.
  • Treated tabs are non-toxic, and can be packaged with direct contact your products.
  • Perfect for jewelry hobbyist, collector, or artisians of fine jewelry. Also perfect for online sellers where jewelry may sit for a while.


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3M Anti-Tarnish paper roll – 10m x 2.cm is designed to inhibit tarnish or discoloration of metals in transit or storage. It works on silver, copper, tin, gold, nickel, pewter and brass by absorbing or “trapping” atmospheric pollutants – notably hydrogen sulfide and other chemical compounds.

3M Anti-Tarnish paper roll –  protect on a ratio of one 1″ x 1″ tab up to 30 cubic inches of container void.
When exposed to surrounding airspace, the activated sites immediately go to work scavenging corrosive agents such as hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide (a secondary pollutant of photochemical smog, also produced in combustion processes), ozone, hydrogen chloride and chlorine and organic carboxylic acid.